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School: Qidong Senior High School


Qidong is located in the middle part along the eastern coastline of China. It is bordered by the boundless Yellow Sea in the east, and the billowing Yangtze River to the south, and is the first place in Jiangsu Province to Greet morning sun. Stand on the embankment of the Yangtze River or the Yellow Sea in the morning, and you will find the grandeur of the sun out of the vast rolling blue waters. Watch the sunset in the west, and you will be impressed by the setting sun. Qidong is the ideal, if not the only, place to enjoy the scenery of both the River and the Sea.

Population : 1.16 million
Area : 1,157 sq km

Climatic Features:
located in the northern part of subtropical zone with ocean monsoon climate; 4 distinct seasons with the average sun-light of 2,073 hours annually, frost-free period of 222 days, and southeasterly wind

Average Temperature: the average temperature 15 C

Rainfall: average annual of 1,037.1 mm

Special Local Product : Qidong is famous as "the hometown of grain and cotton and the land of happiness on the eastern coast of China"


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